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A company is looking for a young energetic professional. College graduates are welcome. This is a permanent entry-level position.

Only citizens and green card holders. No visa sponsorship is available at this time.

Required Qualifications:

- 1-3 years of ColdFusion programming experience
- 3 years database & SQL experience
- Expert in HTML/CSS, strong JavaScript/DHTML skills
- Cross-browser HTML compatibility knowledge/experience
- 1-3 years of XML/XSLT experience
- Application design / Workflow design experience
- Experience with Adobe Photoshop or Macromedia image design/editing products
- A creative eye and ability to visually enhance applications with a little design work
- A precise attention to detail, including high personal quality expectations and results orientation
- Excellent oral and written communication skills, including presentation development and delivery
- Ability to manage complex projects, and to juggle several ongoing projects simultaneously, and
experienced at multi-tasking
- Good problem-solving and issue resolution skills
- Willingness to 'roll up the sleeves' when necessary to help get the job done
- A positive, energetic attitude

If you are interested, please reply on this post with your resume and cover letter attached.

Thank you.

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 It appeared that I can't use JSP in Standard Edition. That is very upsetting news. I realized it when I tried to generate an image on the fly with use of getPageContext().include("page.jsp") function. The server returned  "License exceptin thrown" error. Unfortuanately, but I can't do anything about it. 

I had the same issue until I copied CFIDE into the directory of the application. After several refreshes I got it to work in both FireFox and IE

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I do not have a solution to this problem so far.  I use CFTREE inside the CFFORM and IE ignores it while Firefox shows my tree just fine. The problem is on the particular server since I can see CFTREE from my other servers. I am not sure if the /CFIDE mapping is the case. If this would be the case it would not display it in bot IE and Firefox, I suppose. I googled this problem. No solutions were found. Any advise?  

VillaiN [userpic]

The issue I have encountered with is that while writing the web service on c# one of the parameters of the method that should be used is a array of structure. The issue is actually that the client written on ColdFusion doesn’t see my method and while launching it crashes it and displays the error. "Web service operation "test" with parameters {t2={{A={[{PRICE={12},NAME={Myname}}]}}}} could not be found. "

My question is what is the right way to declare the variables in the web service? (It is not advisable to change the client as I’m writing the web service for the client and not vice verse.)

Here the code of the client and web service.Collapse )

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This is a short description of how to connect ColdFusion MX 7 to Oracle database.


1.)  If Oracle already installed on the server, you have to find this file


2.) Copy this file to the following folders


and also, but not necessary into


3.) Restart the ColdFusion MX server.

4.) In the ColdFusion Administrator create a new datasource.

5.) Choose a datasource name and select the driver option for Other.

6.) Specify the following parameters:

- Specify JDBC URL as follows: jdbc:oracle:thin:@[host]:1521:SID  

If you do not know your SID, check tnsnames.ora file in oraclexe_root\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\NETWORK\ADMIN to look up your SID

- Specify Driver Class as: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver

- Driver Name: (It is optional. You can leave it empty or provide your custom name)

- Finally, specify your Username and Password 

Click Submit button. It should work if your ORACLE schema allows you to connect to the database. Make sure that your have sufficient privileges.

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1.) This function removes HTML from the string

function StripHTML(str) {
 return REReplaceNoCase(str,"<[^>]*>","","ALL");

2.) This function finds URL in the string containing HTML

function getURL(str) {
return REFindNoCase("(?:http|https|ftp|news)://(?:[@a-zA-Z0-9,/%:\&+##\?=\-_~;]+\.*)+[a-zA-Z0-9,/%:\&##\?=\-_]",str,1,"True");

The use of a function and obtain a found link do the following:

<cfset b = getURL(training.title)>
<cfif b.pos[1] is not 0>
<cfset link = Mid(training.title, b.pos[1], b.len[1])>

After function is executed it returns two arrays pos[ ] and len[ ]. If there is no link found then the value of those arrays are 0 (zero). If it's found then Mid( ) function can be used to obtain the found link. Lenght of array indicates how many links have been found.

boxing_cat [userpic]

Assume that:

lat and lon - latitude and longitude of a selected zip code centroid you want to apply a radius selection

- name for zipcode column in Stores table
r - radus for selection in miles
latitude and longitude - latitude and longitude column names in Stores table for zip centroids

In order to select all records from the table Stores by a particular radius, first you need to obtain a longitude and latitude of the zip centroid from the zip code table and then use the following query. The solution is easy, elegant, and fast in performance.  You can expand this query with different type of joins if the table that holds an object zip code is transitional one. 

<cfquery name="getRadius" datasource="datasource">
SELECT id, street, name, town, zip, state, longitude, latitude, (3963.0*acos(sin(#lat#/57.2958) * sin(latitude/57.2958) +cos(#lat#/57.2958) * cos(latitude/57.2958) * cos(#lon#/57.2958-longitude/57.2958))) AS Distance 
FROM Stores
WHERE (3963.0*acos(sin(#lat#/57.2958) * sin(latitude/57.2958) + cos(#lat#/57.2958) * cos(latitude/57.2958) * 
cos(#lon#/57.2958-longitude/57.2958))) < #r#
ORDER BY Distance

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My opinion that standard <cfcalendar> tag introduced with the release of ColdFusion MX 7 has no use at all except an actual display of dates in a calendar format on your page. I tried to link my events to this tag and could not find a way to do it. I read some opinions that Flash Remote would be good for this task, but I do not want to spend my time on it when I need a simple non-flash calendar tag. I designed my own custom solution <cf_calendar> with simple capability to link dates with particular events. It came out not very bad. Moreover, at least 50 developers found this tag being useful for their applications. To read more please click the link bellow. It will lead you to my page where performance of this tag is described in all details. 

Read More

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I have a page named edit_user.cfm that consists of a form.  When a user clicks the submit button this page posts data to a cfm template that performes some database updates and then returns the control back to the form.  I was using <cflocation> tag to go back to the form from a processing page and also to pass URL parameter holding a user ID.  It was routine.  However when I tried to include a named anchor into the location URL along with the URL parameter, it did not work properly.  Redirect worked but the parameter was ignored, neither worked the anchor.  I used the following syntax, where “edit” was the named anchor.


<cflocation addtoken="no" url="edit_user.cfm##edit?user=#form.userID#">


I experimented a little bit and figured out that in order to make the anchor work in IE the right syntax should be changed to


<cflocation addtoken="no" url="edit_user.cfm?user=#form.userID#&##edit ">


Simple thing but I could not find that solution referenced anywhere in Google.


boxing_cat [userpic]

If you use <cfdocument> tag to convert a part of your html code into a pdf file, you may encounter many annoying problems.  But still you can avoid them if you know some tricks.  

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Assume that you query a database and you need to output records on your .cfm template. If number of records is greater than the number of records you plan to output on your page, you have to slice you output. There are some issues associated with that process. First, how to escape querying the database every time you you want to output a part of the recordset? Second, how to create a convenient navigation menu to access blocks of records?

This code might solve these two issues. Once you query the dataset you keep this qery object in SESSION variable. The rest is self-explanatory. 

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