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boxing_cat [userpic]
cflocation with named ancor and URL parameters

I have a page named edit_user.cfm that consists of a form.  When a user clicks the submit button this page posts data to a cfm template that performes some database updates and then returns the control back to the form.  I was using <cflocation> tag to go back to the form from a processing page and also to pass URL parameter holding a user ID.  It was routine.  However when I tried to include a named anchor into the location URL along with the URL parameter, it did not work properly.  Redirect worked but the parameter was ignored, neither worked the anchor.  I used the following syntax, where “edit” was the named anchor.


<cflocation addtoken="no" url="edit_user.cfm##edit?user=#form.userID#">


I experimented a little bit and figured out that in order to make the anchor work in IE the right syntax should be changed to


<cflocation addtoken="no" url="edit_user.cfm?user=#form.userID#&##edit ">


Simple thing but I could not find that solution referenced anywhere in Google.